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Mark Lipczynski Mark Lipczynski

So you think the “bacon trend” is over? Think again.

This meaty tradition has been pleasing the human palate for more than 2,000 years. And while bacon mints and bacon toothpaste may not be around for the next millennium of porcine indulgence, you can bet those tasty strips are here to stay.

Beckett’s Table

3717 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix

If we were to crown a “king of pork” in Arizona, chef Justin Beckett would be at the top of the list (we’d be more than happy to allow him to reign over our taste buds). A few of Beckett’s dishes have the most bacon-loving of us hooked. One good reason to start your meal with dessert (not that you really need a reason) is his chocolate-dipped bacon S’mores. Once you’ve moved on to your main course, you’ll have several other bacon-blessed entrees to choose from, but regardless of your adventure, make room for a side order of the bacon cheddar biscuits and mac ’n cheese with pancetta.

Angel’s Trumpet Ale House

810 N. Second St., Phoenix

Ready to take your bacon game to the next level? Channel Elvis Presley with the Nutter Sandwich at Angel’s Trumpet Ale House in downtown Phoenix. Marshmallow fluff and peppered bacon are technically optional add-ons on this sandwich featuring housemade peanut butter and raspberry chipotle preserve on grilled sourdough bread. But there’s really no point in indulging in this sandwich unless you go whole-hog.

If your stomach is still hungry for more (and still have a pulse after completing the aforementioned sandwich), try the Tractor Pizza flatbread. Bacon makes this pizza better, but so does the addition of an egg on top of Brussels sprouts, caramelized onions, Pecorino Romano, mozzarella and tomato sauce. Brussels sprouts. That means it’s healthy for you, so enjoy it guilt-free.

Nogales Hot Dogs

20th Street and Indian School Road, Phoenix

Craving bacon after an adult-beverage filled evening? We’ve all been there before. Luckily, Nogales Hot Dogs can take care of your needs. The basic offering at this outdoor stand is a bacon-wrapped hot dog. Where you decide to take it from there is completely up to you: beans, salsa, cheese, tomatoes, avocado, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard. Condiment-ize to your heart’s desire; your fellow diners aren’t going to judge you.

Matt’s Big Breakfast

116 E. Garfield St., Phoenix

Yeah, yeah, yeah…talking about Matt’s Big Breakfast when talking about bacon seems kind of cliché. But what makes bacon special at Matt’s is the source. If you’ve never taken a road trip out to Queen Creek to visit The Pork Shop, then you can’t really call yourself a bacon lover. Their thick cut bacon—which they cure themselves from Iowa hogs using traditional smoking and curing methods—blesses several dishes at this popular downtown breakfast joint.

Enjoy your bacon on a Five Spot breakfast sandwich or as a side for pretty much anything on the menu.

If you aren’t into waiting in lines to eat, visit Matt’s Big Breakfast for lunch and have a BLT. This is arguably the best BLT in town thanks to the delicious bacon, fresh country bread, juicy tomatoes and tangy mayonnaise. It will drip down your arms and create a huge mess you probably won’t even notice because you’ll be so transfixed by the experience.

Richardson’s Cuisine of New Mexico

6335 N. 16th St., Phoenix

It’s a well-established fact that the addition of bacon can make almost any food better. Shrimp is one of the meats regularly paired with bacon, and when you cook it over a wood-fired grill and serve with a side of dipping sauces, rice and beans, you’re looking at a bonafide food coma. And that’s what happens at Richardson’s.

Richardson’s also serves a great weekend brunch where you can indulge in bacon in a variety of hearty Southwestern dishes that will give you good reasons to lounge around the house for the rest of the day.

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